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Although I fail many times, my aim is to glorify Christ through all I do.  This includes being a wife, mother, daughter, friend, and homemaker.  He is my sustainer and savior, and without Him I am nothing.

I have a passion for cooking, crafting and being healthy.  I love being able to use my creativeness that God has given me.  I also love being inspired by others' creative ideas.  This blog allows me to remember what I have done as well as share my ideas with others.  The Paleo lifestyle will become a bigger and bigger part of this blog.  You can read about the start of my own journey here.

My husband, Zach, is my very best friend.  He is such a hard worker and is the most diligent and loyal person I know.  This makes it easier for me to be his helper in life.  I can support the decisions that he makes knowing that he has prayed about them and believes that the decision will be the best thing for our family.

Our first baby, Kaylee, was born November 2011.  I have absolutely loved getting to know her little personality and she develops more and more.  She LOVES attention and will whatever she needs to in order to get it.  Keane awareness should be her middle name.  She pays attention to everything.  Milestones are hit pretty early.  She is a delight to take care of and I wouldn't trade it for any job.  (Of course there are times that it can get long, but I still love it.)

Our second baby is growing healthily inside of me!  We are so thankful for this little blessing and can't wait to get to know her (yep, her!) more and more.

I am so blessed by my calling as a wife and mother.  I strive to support my husband throughout life as his wife.  I also love that I have the privilege of training up a child in righteousness through the grace of God. She is such a cutie and a little sweetheart.  I am looking forward to the coming years in being able to share my passion with Kaylee.

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