Tiddly Trinkets of Thankfulness

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Sometimes I get caught up in the rote prayer introduction, "Dear Heavenly Father, Thank You for this day..."  without really realizing what I am thanking Him for.  Thank you for this day.  What does this day hold in it?  Why should I be thankful for it?  Am I really thankful or do I simply say the words.  Do I mean the words, "Thank you for this food," at the beginning of each meal?  Do I really make note of all of the provisions that I am given every day?  I have decided that in order to challenge myself to really look out for my many blessings, I am going to count them, one by one.  {I was just reminded by my pastor this past Sunday of the hymn, "Count Your Blessings."  What a great old hymn!}  Some blessings are easier to see than others, so this will be a running list of blessings that I am thankful for.

The glory of the cross and God's word
My husband, Zach
My Kaylee Girl
My Kara Girl (Baby #2)
My daddy, Dan
My mommy, Lori
My brother, Dave
My sister-in-law, Chrissy 
My nephew, Trevor
My nephew, Jason
My nephew, Matthew
My sister, Jamie
My nephew, Amory
My nephew, Sheldon
My sister, Dani
My brother-in-law, Chip
My niece, Kenzie
My nephew, Ryken
My nephew, Emerson
My nephew, Cason
My niece, Brinley
My father-in-law, Weston
My mother-in-law, Sheri
My brother-in-law, Nathan
My brother-in-law's fiancee, Hannah
Grandpa J.
Nana Shirley
Oma Rita
Grandma Lora
Aunt Ruth
Uncle Shawn
Cousin Patrick
Aunt Lou
Uncle Clovis
Uncle Kev
Aunt Vonnie
Cousin Helen (&Andrew + Victor)
Uncle Art
Aunt Judi
Cousin Andy (& Sarah + Ruthie)
Cousin Jessica (& Joel + Claire)
Uncle Bob
Aunt Kathy
Cousin Cheri (& Boyd + kids)
Cousin Brian (& Darci + kids)
Aunt Ann
Uncle Bruce
Cousin Melia
Cousin Michael 
Cousin Robby
My husband's extended family

(Family is SUPER important to me.)

My church family
All of my friends
Support of friends and family during times of need, loss, joy, sorrow.  
My house and the story of how that came to be. 
My bed.  Ohhh I love my bed. 
A simple hello from neighbors
Morning walks
The Desert nature in Spring
My rocking chair
The smell of Apple Zucchini Bread in the oven
Phone calls from those far and near
Watching my sleeping little girl
The jogging stroller
The back patio swing
A relatively new, working car
Tinted windows
Clean laundry
My little girl snuggling in my arms
The abundance of food we have access to
The sound of a ticking clock (weird?  I love that sound)
Glasses and/or contacts (Corrected vision is such a beautiful thing!)
Vacuum cleaner to keep things clean
Purified water
Natural House Cleaners
Screen doors to let fresh air inside
Clean dishes directly out of the dish washer
The Swiffer Wet Jet
The sound of children playing
Fresh fruit
Baby monitors
The Ice Cream Maker
The huge variety of fresh fruits and vegetables
The feeling of growing baby kicks

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