Tuesday, January 10, 2012

T-shirt Necklaces

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I've seen a lot of DIY/Craft projects on Pinterest that use old t-shirts. Well, my hubby and I cleaned out our closet recently and I decided to use some of his t-shirts to make a couple of necklaces. 

Old T-shirts
Scissors or rotary cutter/mat
needle and thread (optional)

Cost: Next to nothing.

Step 1: Cut about 1" strips from the width of the t-shirt.  This should create approximately 10-15 rings of fabric from each t-shirt (depending on how long the shirts are).

Step 2: Stretch each strip as far as it will go. This will make the strip roll in on itself. 

Now you have a bunch of rolled up strips of fabric.

Step 3:  I used 12 for each necklace.  Divid your strips into 2 sets of 6.

Step 4: Place one set through the ends of the second set.   Now, this next part is somewhat hard to describe, but it's not a difficult step either.  Loop the ends of the top set through its other ends so that it secures a knot around the second set of strips.

Step 5: Divide the second set of strands into 3 sets of two.  These are going to be braided together.

Step 6:  Once the braid is complete, the 2 sets of strands will again need to be tied into a knot to complete the circle.  

I made two.  I like the white one with the red flower a little bit better.  

The flower is where the needle and thread come in.  
Basically, I took 3 single red strips and braided them together.  
Then, I spiraled the braid around itself and stitched a few stitches along the way to secure it together.  

Now your t-shirt necklace is done.  

Happy Crafting!

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