Friday, April 27, 2012

Texture and Tags Blanket

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Recently, I noticed that my baby girl has been scratching various surfaces.  She is really starting to take notice of different textures.  I saw the Tags blankets at the store selling for $10 or more.  No way I was going to spend money on something that I could make out of different textured scraps of fabric at home.  So, I went to work.

I cut a bunch of 5 inch squares of fabric of different colors and textures.  I sewed 2 squares together; then I sewed 2 sets of 2 squares together and so on until it was all sewn together.  I sewed 1/2" in on each side of the square so they ended up being 4" squares. 

I laid it on top of the fabric that I wanted as the back of the blanket. 
Remember to have both sides inside out.

In order to make the "tags" I looped ribbon and placed the ribbon inside the blanket before I sewed around the edge.  In order to keep it secure I pinned it in place. 
{I usually don't take time to pin the fabric.}

Now you sew all the way around the edge of the blanket until you have about a 5 inch opening or so.

Now turn the blanket right side out. 

I know that there is a way to finish up the seam to keep it hidden, I just don't take the time because I have other things I want to get done. So, I just sewed the last few inches on the machine.  You can kind of see it, but it isn't really noticeable when you see the who blanket.   I also made a few little stitches in the middle of each set of 4 squares to hold the quilt side to the backing. 


There it is, texture, tags and all. 

Happy Crafting!

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