Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Day 2, October 23, 2012

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1 egg with red peppers and onions cooked in coconut oil with a dash of hot sauce.
1/2 c. canned pumpkin with 1 T. coconut oil and spices mixed in, topped with canned coconut milk

Leftover Chopped Bacon Salad with avocado and slivered almonds added

1 slice of a honey crisp apple at Whole Foods (sample)
small handful of macadamia nuts

Homemade "Meatza" (with NO cheese--for me, the hubby got a little bit.)
Little bowl of macadamia nuts and almonds on the side
Small handful of pomegranate seeds... mmm

small bowl of sliced pickles  

[Note: unless otherwise specified, I drink water at every meal and throughout the day.  I don't drink much else.]

How I Felt

Throughout the first half of the day, I had great energy!  I walked about a mile... not super fast.  My body felt great.  After lunch, I made a trip to Whole foods (about 35 minutes away from my house).  Something inside the store triggered a small headache when I went through the body care section (lavendar soap maybe??).  On the way home my sciatic nerve was throbbing and all the joints in my right leg started to hurt.  (This could totally JUST be pregnancy related, I am aware).  The headache and leg pain continued through the rest of the day.  I tried to drink plenty of water on the home and had a full glass when I got home.  I also drink at least a full glass at each meal (if not two) and sip on a water bottle throughout the day.  By this evening I was feeling light-headed.  I was also CRAVING salt like no other... hence the pickles.  Today was not as great of a day as yesterday. 

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