Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Baskets... Easy Enough.

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For my quick and inexpensive bathroom reorganization, I bought 4 baskets to put on some shelves above our toilet to allow easy access to some items and still look nice the rest of the time.  I didn't want to spend much on the baskets so to Dollar Tree I went.  The baskets, however, had acorns on them.  So what did I do?  I'll just show you.

Items needed: glue gun, glue, 7/8" ribbon (enough to go around the basket plus about 6 inches), 3/8" ribbon (2 1/4" - 2 1/2") , and the basket.

 Step 1: Glue small ribbon around larger ribbon. 

Step 2) Turn the finished side of the small ribbon facing out (away from the basket).
Pick where you want your bow to be at the end.  This is where you will begin gluing the large ribbon down.  *Make sure to start just to the right of the center of the bow.
 Glue about every 2 inches.

 Your last dot of glue should be just left of center.
Step 3)  Make sure the finished side of the small ribbon is facing out. 
 Pull the ribbon so it's tight.
 Fold it back over ON TOP of itself and tuck inside the small ribbon.
 Tuck the end underneath to the center...
 ...so it looks like this.
 And glue.
 And there you have it!


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