Tuesday, October 11, 2011

And the Artwork on the Wall?

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While on Pinterest.com, I came across a photo from etsy.com.  It was a beautiful piece with paper flowers and branches on canvas. 

They have since sold this exact one, but a similar piece is selling for $45 plus shipping.  I could make that for less, I knew I could.  Although I have blank canvas in my craft closet, and I have all sorts of paint, I decided to take a different route.  (Had I chosen to replicate it almost exactly, it still would have only cost me $5 or less to make it).  

Items needed for my $1.50 version:
FREE.........2 pieces of cardboard, same size.  (If it's sturdy, one would be fine.)
$1.25 ish....Burlap (Remnant from Joann)
$0.33..........Branches (Since we don't have many branches here is Southern AZ, I got a pack of 3 at the
                   Dollar Tree)
FREE.........One piece of paper, your choice of color/texture

Oh and some hot glue.

Assembly isn't terribly difficult.  Here are the steps: 

Step 1) Cover a piece of cardboard with burlap.  I love that textured look.  You can make it any size you wish.  Tuck in the corners so they don't stick out funny!

Step 2) Place the branch wherever you desire and glue it down.

Step 3) Make the Flowers.

Choose some paper.  I decided I wanted a textured blue (which I didn't have) so I colored a piece of card stock blue on both sides.

Cut a rectangle about 1 1/2" x 2" or so... about the size you want your large petal to be. 

Fold it in half.  

                                           Cut out the petal so it looks like this ^

Do the same for the smaller petal.  Also, cut out one large tear drop by cutting a square and rounding 3 corners.

Curl the petals.  

The large petals should be curled at the larger end.  

 The small petals should be curled all the way.

Now, glue the large petals together.

Glue the small petals onto the larger ones.

Now, Create the center of the flower.

Take the large tear drop and start to round the last corner with your scissors.  Cut this piece off.

Now cut it into a spiral all the way to the center.

Start rolling from the center. To help hold it together, hot glue around the inside (bottom) edge of the roll.  

Glue the end of the spiral flat to the rest of the roll.

Glue the bottom and place it in the center of the flower.

I was able to make 3 flowers from 1 piece of card stock.

Arrange them wherever you think looks the best on your set of branches and glue them down. 

That's that. And it's done. 

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