Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String

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Finding beauty in the simple things is just the best.  Right now, I absolutely love brown paper.  As I was wrapping presents for a couple of different events, I realized that I had leftover pieces from various projects that I had done, so I used them to decorate otherwise very simple wrapping jobs.  

Gift one: 

This gift was for a baby shower for a little boy.  If you remember the 'artwork' that I made for the bathroom, I had used a branch that I purchased from the dollar store {since we don't really have good branches in Tucson}.  I had a branch leftover.  I also made very simple flowers out of hearts {as seen on Pinterest} and glued them onto the package.  With a coordinating card, that made this brown package look pretty spiffy if you ask me. 

Gift Two:

This one was for an ornament exchange.  I totally forgot to take a picture of the CUTE little handmade owl ornament.  It took me quite a long time to make it, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  Perhaps I will be able to get my friend {that received it} to take a picture of it so that I can post it sometime. Anyhoo... I decided that a handmade ornament deserved a handmade bag {just because I'm nerdy like that}.  All of the trouble to MAKE a brown bag can be avoided if you want to just buy one for about $0.50.  Either way, once you get the brown gift bag all you need to do is make a paper flower and glue it and a couple of toilet paper roll pieces on the bag.  I thought it looked pretty sweet.  

Well, that's that for my brown paper packages.  

Happy Crafting!

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