Monday, January 2, 2012

Thai Coconut Curry

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Thai Coconut Curry...  I don't know how *authentic* this dish is.   All I know is it tastes super good. 
This dish is very simple to make and is a GREAT way to eat lots of vegetables.  

First, cut up the veggies.  It's nice because amounts don't really matter.  I chose potatoes, red bell pepper, green beans, onion, and carrot.  You could substitute other veggies in.

Cut up some beef (or chicken) and add that and the onion to a lightly oiled skillet.  Cook until meat is browned and onion is translucent. 

Add the rest of the veggies (except for the carrots) and water to cover generously.  Cook until the potatoes start to get tender. 

Now add the golden curry.  Break up the bar into the water. 
 You can find this at most grocery stores in the asian food section.
I like getting the hot (it really isn't THAT hot), but it also comes in mild and medium. 

Once the curry bar has dissolved, the sauce should be slightly thicker and should be brown.

Now add the carrots.

Add one can of coconut milk.  Make sure it is *milk* not *water*.  Also, low fat coconut milk does not work as well in this dish because it is too watery.  If you would like to, you can simply add 1 c. sour cream.  I like the subtle taste of the coconut throughout the dish.

Serve it over rice.


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