Friday, December 30, 2011

Paper Flowers

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 Paper Flowers

Step 1: Paper   Take an old book and tear out the pages (I used one from the dollar store).  
Makes stacks of eight pages each. Trace as many circles as you can...

... and cut them out.

Step 2: Wire     Using wire cutters and floral wire, twist into spirals--however big you desire.  
These will be the centers of the flowers. 

Step 3: Needle     Poke a hole through each set of circles so that the wire center can slide in easily.
The bigger the needle the better. 

Step 4:  Assembly   Slide the wire into the circles.  I hot glued the backs to secure them in place.

Now you simply scrunch and crinkle each page up separately.

Now you're done.
 You could use them as gift bows.  I glued one on a simple gift bag that I made.
I'm also thinking about making a wreath out of them. We'll see. 

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