Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fabric Wreath

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Here is a very inexpensive and easy wreath.  

A foam wreath form: I got one at the dollar store.
Scraps of fabric: I got them in the remnants at Joann's
Straight Pins
Hot Glue (not in the picture)

Cut your fabric into squares.


They don't have to be perfect.

Fold one in half and pin it.  

Put a dot of glue on the pinhead and fold the fabric over so that the layers all overlap.

Put 2 to three other pieces of fabric (just folded into messy fourths) onto the same pin.

I made a bunch of them before putting them into the form, 
but you could certainly place them as you go.

I made similar ones with my second color.  Make sure you fold it to cover the backside of the fabric. 

For this one I folded it in half...

then folded a third over...

then pinned it...

then glued it.  

This one is folded in sixths.  Make three more without pins and add them to complete the flower.

Like this!

First I put all the green ones to cover the wreath (except for where I wanted the purple ones to go).  

I decided to put all of my "flowers" together in one spot.

And it's done!

Happy Crafting!

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