Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pop-Tab Can Gift

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I have a hard time shopping for some people for their birthdays.  I think, "I really wan to get them something that is cool, but that they will use."  I look and look, but to no avail.  So, I end up being the boring one at the party that just gives a gift card or money.  Hey, at least I know they'll be able to use it.  Sometimes I'm cool and give kids a small toy with it like a Hotwheels  Car or Silly Putty or some candy.  

Well, I saw a Pop-Tab Can (like Campbell's soup cans) used as gift wrap, so I decided to make one.  I made one to wrap a tie that we were giving to my dad with all 10 of his grandkids' thumb prints on it.  It was fabulous, but I didn't take a picture of it... OOPS! 

Well here is how you make it:

First, you need to have one of those nifty can openers that breaks the seal of the can instead of cutting through the metal on top.  This is important because most of the cans that have the pop-tab lids have the rounded edged bottoms, which don't work with can openers.

Open the can and make something yummy with the contents in the can.  

Okay... here is where I was dumb had a mom brain moment.  I forgot to put the stuff inside the can first.  MAKE SURE THAT YOU PUT THE GIFT INSIDE BEFORE THIS NEXT STEP! :)

After the can is washed, place the gift inside and then hot glue the can shut. 
 {I used JB Weld on the first can that I made and that worked really well too.}

Now spray paint the top and bottom of the can.... the rest of it will be covered. 

Cut a piece of paper (any color, patterned or not) to 8 1/2" by 3 3/4" approximately.  Glue it on the can.

Get creative with puffy paint, ribbon, stickers, or markers and decorate the can.  Now, they will be able to open up the can and be surprised by what's inside! 

No more being the boring "just a card and gift card" person at those birthday parties. :)

{Since I forgot to put anything inside this can, I just finished making it for the fun of it. Haha.}

Happy Crafting!

Use discretion when deciding whether or not the recipient is old enough to open this gift as the edges of around the top will be sharp after opening.  

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