Friday, January 27, 2012

Budget Bytes Blog

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Budget Bytes created by Beth M. has many many MANY recipes on it.  I was trying to decide which picture to post on the site, but then just decided to pick one, because after almost an hour of looking at this site I just kept finding more recipes that looked amazing. 

Beth has set up the site so that each recipe is posted along with a breakdown of the cost.  She breaks down the cost of each ingredient, adds up the total cost per recipe and shows the cost per serving.  {Of course these are HER costs, so they will vary slightly from what we might have to pay}.  I still think it's a pretty neat idea.  

She has also broken down her recipes into a ton of different categories.  She has a ton of different ethnic foods, breads, desserts, chicken dishes, vegetarian dishes, and SO much more.  

Each one of her posts is a step-by-step pictorial procedure of the featured recipe, making it SUPER easy to follow exactly what she's describing.  

I highly recommend checking out her site.

Have a good weekend!

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