Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Vintage Book Candle Holder

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For Christmas this year, my wonderful in-laws got me an ice cream maker.  As I was unpacking the box and opening it the first time, I saw this crown-looking packing piece and knew that I could use it for some sort of craft... I probably could have used it for many things.  So, I just waited until something came to me.

My husband and I took a day to clean out some of the things in our garage.  We had a box of books and we went through it.  There was a vintage book that he had purchased a while back at a local used bookstore that he no longer wanted.  Boy, I sure wanted it!  I love the yellowing edges of a vintage book!  I had to do something with this book!

I went back to the crown and realized that I could cover it with the book pages and make it into a candle holder.  {I'm sure you could use a cheap plastic bowl in place of the crown-shaped cardboard for this project.}

So, I went and got my glue gun and got to ripping and gluing pages all over the crown.  {In order for them to have a nice shape to them, you first kind of scrunch the pages and glue or staple them in place.}

After you're finished with as many layers on the outside as you want, cover the top with some flatter, folded over pages to finish covering up the cardboard. 

My husband was leery of burning candle being placed so close to these old {and flammable} pages, so I decided to go the safer route and get a flameless LED candle.  I still think it looks pretty cool. 

Happy Crafting!

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