Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Kaylee's Fun Book

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One fine Saturday, my dear husband just wanted to hang out/ lay low/ chill.  He decided to play video games (which he really doesn't do that often) and I decided to make a book for Kaylee.  We were in the same room, commenting on each others' activities, so I guess the time was still kind of spent together.   Anyways, I have a ton of craft foam sheets left from my Elementary Ed. days at Taylor University *fun times* so I used that to make a book.  

For this project: Foam + hot glue + velcro + other little scraps of fabric/ribbon + Paper

Kaylee's Fun Book

I used scrapbook paper for the Title.
The book stays closed by this little bow :)

Yes, I do cut velcro dots in half at times to make it last longer. Call me cheap. 

Page 1:

Move the banana!

Page 2:

Make Pig's eyes go crazy.

Page 3:

Ribbon Mane.

Page 4:

Put your fish from the net to the fish bowl. 

Page 5: 

Help Frog catch flies.

Page 6: 

Change the color of the butterfly's dots. 

This was a fun and very cheap craft... especially since I already had everything on hand.  

Sewing it and using all fabric probably would have been more study in the long run, but I think this is still pretty durable.  

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