Friday, November 2, 2012

Day 12, November 2, 2012

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After doing some research, I am finding that Whole30's goal is not to make you eat food that simply fill you up.  They still want you to fully enjoy the meals.  I have been enjoying all the meals so far (except for I really didn't care for the way I cooked the brussel sprouts the other night).  Everything else has been amazing.

I started looking into it more, not because I was dissatisfied with what I was eating, but because I am taking a meal to a friend in post-surgery recover who said breaded meat sounded good.  I then looked on Whole9 to see if breaded meats were legal.  Basically, they said yes as long as you aren't battling with eating fried chicken at every meal pre-Whole30.  They don't want you to simply Paleoify YOUR fall-back foods.  That doesn't mean to not enjoy your comfort-foods every once in a while, even while on your Whole30.  Just don't make it a habit and don't have horrible motives behind it.

I also looked up whether or not arrowroot or tapioca starch is okay.  Basically, baked goods are off limits, so if you're using them to replace those, that's not okay.  But if for a night or two out of the month you'd like to have a gravy or thickened sauce, go for it.  However, same rules apply... don't abuse it, don't have bad motives behind doing it.

You want to retrain your body to not give into cravings, but at the same time, you still want to enjoy the foods you are eating--just don't give in to your addictions.

So, this meal as far as I have researched and have been convicted during my Whole30 challenge is completely legal.  For me.  However, if you crave southern style cooking all the time and spend most of your dinners in Soul Food Diners, you may want to avoid what I had for dinner today.

I am making dinner for a friend from church that is recovering from surgery.  Country Fried Steak sounded good to him.  I've looked at the Whole9 forums, and as far as I can tell, breaded meats are okay as long as you aren't fighting the urge to go to KFC every day.  Also, arrowroot powder is okay to use as part of that breading mixture as well as for gravy... also as long as you aren't using it every day and aren't fighting addictions linked to that.  So this meal is a true comfort meal that is legally safe (for me).  Make your own judgement call on where you stand with Country Fried Steak and Gravy.

On another note entirely,  I was thrown off quite a bit by yesterday.  I woke up around 3 in the morning last night hungry but trying to fall back to sleep until morning.  My little girl woke up around 3:45 and I still had not even dozed.  I got up and ate a few macadamia nuts to hold me over.  I'm hoping all throughout the day today my eating habits will be better.


Spinach, onion, eggs

(Not a snack, but I had some Chai Tea)


Every time I have an ultrasound, the hubs and go out to breakfast or lunch before or after the appointment (just depending on when it is).  Chipotle is a safe choice for me (and they label EVERYTHING on their site really well as far as ingredients go), and it's always been a favorite of ours anyways.  Oh how I do miss those tortillas though.  Oh well, the burrito bowls are wonderful as well. 


Country Fried Steak
Mashed White Sweet Potatoes

apple with almond butter
cinnamon spice rooibos tea

[Note: unless otherwise specified, I drink water at every meal and throughout the day.  I don't drink much else.]

How I Felt

I was tired when I woke up.  More tired than normal.  But then again, I was awake from 3-4:45 just thinking, hungry, taking care of baby girl... I don't think that the anticipation of finding out baby 2's gender helped much.  Oh and that mayonnaise that didn't work out last evening.  My brain was racing over that for some reason.  It didn't work today either in my second batch, but I think I figured out why... I'll let you in on that story in a separate post.  

Otherwise, no headaches. No joint pain.  Minor lower back pain, but I'm also 19 weeks 5 days pregnant now. 

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