Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Day 17, November 7, 2012

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Steak and eggs


Karissa's Meatballs (recipe to come) with tomato sauce

Macadamia nuts

Sweet potato
green beans with onions, garlic, and green peppers sauteed in olive oil and ghee, mixed with salt, pepper, and walnuts

Peach Cobbler... yes Whole30 peach cobbler.  I forgot to serve it last night when we had guests over.
Rooibos Tea

[Note: unless otherwise specified, I drink water at every meal and throughout the day.  I don't drink much else.]

How I Felt

I had a somewhat stressful afternoon and as soon as the stressor hit, I had a headache.  After I relaxed, had big glass of water, a small handful of nuts (like 6 macadamia nuts), and a little play time with my little girl, my headache was gone.  

I feel like I'm doing surprisingly well with the whole food aspect of it.  I sure miss things sometimes, like when I see someone eating chips with their guacamole or a breakfast burrito--oh how I'd like that tortilla--but overall, it's not that bad.  We have such a huge variety of food available to us.  I still think it's funny when people hear what I'm not eating and say, "What CAN you eat?"  Like without bread and dairy there is no other food.  Yeah, sure those things taste good and it might be nice to be able to have them every once in a while.  But, if I were to not be able to have any of the foods that aren't Whole30 approved ever again, I know I could do it.  It's also getting easier to meal plan now that I'm starting to just think with approved ingredients.   It's going along... and we're past the half-way point now!  EVEN with it being the Whole31!  : )  

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