Friday, November 9, 2012

Day 19, November 9, 2012

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Today has been quite the morning.  Poor little girl has an ear infection.  We had her 1-year-well-visit set up for today already, so I didn't take her yesterday afternoon when I suspected the infection.  That explains her clinginess and weird sleep patterns.

I saw my mom briefly today.  It's my dad's birthday today and that family is getting together to celebrate tomorrow.  She told my dad that she would have to wait for after my whole 30 to make the German Chocolate Cake for him.  How sweet of her, but totally unnecessary since I may or may not ever eat a regular piece of German Chocolate cake again.  Who am I kidding--I'll probably eat a small piece SOMETIME since it was the cake I always had for my birthday growing up.  But, I'm not ready for that kind of indulgence yet.   I feel like that's a good sign because it means that I'd rather be at the party and not eat dessert than not go to the party at all.  That's a good thing, right?   Anyways... on to the food for today.


Pumpkin Bake


Meatloaf skillet.

When you have leftover meatloaf, or maybe I should say, when I have leftover meatloaf, I get tired of eating it as meatloaf all the time.  I used to eat it as a meatloaf sandwich, or over a big scoop of mashed potatoes.  I still have meatloaf in the fridge and I can't waste food, so I decided to whip up a skillet lunch with it.  A crumbled up piece of meatloaf, 1 carrot, 1 stalk of celery, a few mushrooms, some purple cabbage, garlic, onion, salt/pepper, mustard powder, and a big drizzle of oil later, I'm sitting down to eat a wonderful, colorful lunch.  


Rooibos Tea

[Note: unless otherwise specified, I drink water at every meal and throughout the day.  I don't drink much else.]

How I Felt

Honestly, today was the worst day out of the last 19 days that I've had yet.  I had a headache and joint pain.   This morning I woke up feeling fine, but by about 11am I felt awful.  Tylenol kicked it, but it's still not fun.  It's actually very very frustrating.  Is it simply the food I'm eating?  Is it hormones from pregnancy?  Is it a change in weather and barometric pressure?  Is there something seriously wrong with me?  So many questions.  

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