Monday, November 19, 2012

Day 29, November 19, 2012

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Is it really already Day 29?  Time flies when you cook creatively. :)



"Squasage Casserole" 

Rooibos Tea

Pad Thai  (The only change I made was using "Zucchini" Pasta instead of Spaghetti Squash)


[Note: unless otherwise specified, I drink water at every meal and throughout the day.  I don't drink much else.]

How I Felt

As I was talking to my sister today, she asked me if I felt like I was 70% better, 80% better...  I answered that I feel like a week or two ago, I would have answered that I feel 75% better.  In the last few days though, I feel like I've seen a 90%-95% improvement from before I started eating this way.  I am SO encouraged.  I love that I enjoy almost every moment of every day now.  Sure, I have moments of annoyances, but so do "normal" people.  I'm not dreading my little girl's babbling anymore, feeling like it's making my headache worse.  I enjoy having my hubby help/comment in the kitchen while I'm cooking instead of feeling like he's getting in the way.  I love how I feel!  I can't believe how much food really can help you feel so much better!  

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